Presbytery Youth Children and Families Ministry Network has two Zoom meetings for leaders, helpers, and supporters.
We were to have our last Children and Family Network breakfast, but we opting for two Zoom meetings instead. Unfortunately, this means we miss out on Lesley-Anne’s yummy breakfast. (thanks Lesley-Anne & Leanne from Beenleigh).
Choose the one you go to, or come to both.
1. Friday 27 November 7pm – 8.30pm

Beth Nicholls is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 830 7729 6779
Passcode: 228976

2. Saturday 28 November 8am-9.30am
here is the link to join the Zoom Meeting

Beth Nicholls is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 878 9840 3108
Passcode: 286180

Hi Children, Families, Intergen leaders, and supporters. 

Firstly thank you for all you are doing to stay in touch with children and families. It is a difficult time, but there are some imaginative things people are doing from Zoom Kids Club, meeting in parks, and activity packs at home.  Some churches have gone back and have accommodated children in worship and with activities that are in packs to pick up on arrival or sent home to bring to church.  It is difficult when schools are back and social distancing is not part of the school scene, but churches still have to comply.

Thank you for all your efforts to comply. If you need to check or get some advice please call the UC Synod COVID team Val 3377 9805.

there are also some guideline for how to play games and do activities  

If you would like to chat or bounce ideas around please call 

Project Officer Mission Rev Beth Nicholls 040 717 0573.

Intergenerate Zoom webinar and discussion

Monday 10 August 2-3.30pm. 

We’ll watch a webinar from the Intergenerate conference and join in some discussion and sharing of ideas. here is the link:

Beth Nicholls is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Intergenerate
Time: Aug 10, 2020 02:00 PM Brisbane
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 892 5919 7979
Passcode: 106682

Chris Barnett (Vic /Tas) Synod continues to put together a great list of helpful resources

  1. NEW Faith at Home resources

Faith at Home: Resources from Messy Church (UCA)

Faith at Home: Six Spiritual Traditions series (UCA)

Encouraging faith at home ideas (CRCNA)

Inspire session (Kitchen Table Project)

Church at Home 4 (Grow Ministries)

  1. Very Practical Ideas

Helpful resources (Bible Society)

Games for all ages via Zoom (Building Faith)

Bible stories and sensory engagement (CRCNA)

Children & Families ministry resources (BUNSW)

Resources for home and lockdown (John Hardwick)

  1. Intergenerational Ministry

Engage Together: Aug-Sep (UCA)

Intergenerational ministry podcasts (UCA)

1-page “tasters” re InterGenerate book (UCA)

Dave Csinos August 25 Webinar (InterGenerate AUS)

10 Ways to strengthen intergenerational worship (CRCNA)

4.       Tools you might find useful
Thinking routines for Bible engagement (PZ Harvard)
Anchor – free tool for creating podcasts
Padlet – collaboration tool

Star Wars “crawl” Creator

Canva – free design tool

  1. Covid Corner – Storybooks

On-line stories (Mountain Masala)

Story Box Library (Story Box)

Windows (Patrick Guest)

Birdie and the virus (Queensland Health)

Time to come in, bear (Kim St. Lawrence)

  1. 6.Covid Corner – Articles

Synchronous hybrid virtual worship (UCA)

The new Sunday morning (Barna Research)

The post-Covid Church? (Ministry Matters)

Overcoming mission paralysis (Ministry Matters)

Impact of lockdown on youth engagement (All Churches, UK)


7       Special Days & Seasons

The Children & Families website now contains a section of resources for Special Days and Seasons. Scroll to the Special Days and Seasons button to check out ideas for…


Aug 4    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

Sep 6     Father’s Day

Oct 31   Halloween/All Hallows’ Eve

Nov 11  Remembrance Day


Children and Families Intergen Ministry Resources – May

From Project Officer Mission – Beth Nicholls

As we continue in this covid19 time, with some returning to school and some restrictions being lifted there is still a sense of caution, even nervousness about how to be a community.  We as church have a special place at this time as we pastorally care for each other. Jesus calls us to be God’s family in whatever situation we find ourselves. The church is already a community of connected and caring people – this is what we offer to those about us.

I’ve heard stories of people asking questions of churchgoers about how they seem to have more people calling them or checking in on how they are going. Remember when we were travelling people it was said that we always have a place where we are welcome because we know we can go to church. It’s true! In these restricted times this is exactly what we can witness to – tell our non-church friends about how good it is to belong to God’s family.


Here are some resources I’ve gathered for children and families ministry plus some for intergenerational ministry.

If you or your church has some resources to share please send them to me and we’ll put them up on the Presbytery Facebook page


Kids blessing.  Here is a lovely YouTube with kids singing the Blessing Song.


Baker Ross has put out some free card ideas for children and adults to make to send to someone to brighten their day.  Baker Ross

20 Zoom game ideas for households  I came across this resource of 20 games to play online a good variety and just some fun!  Good to also include in you take home resource from BRF The Parenting for Faith has a searchable library of videos, articles and resources for parents , carers and churches. the Kitchen Table project which has a whole lot of rescources for parents and church leaders about encouraging parents to share faith with their children. There are some videos to inspire.


Lost Sheep Resources

Andrew McDonough, creator of popular illustrated stories like Cecil the Seep’ and ‘Basel the Vine’ has written large number of books and resources based on Bible Stories. The books are sold at Koorong but are also available for purchase online at :

Cecil the Lost Sheep <>; on behalf of; Cecil the Lost Sheep

United Reformed Church UK.  When the lockdown starts to ease, what MUST resume, what SHOULDN’T & what might we do differently? Read for the new “normal”, a new booklet that’s written by URC Synod Moderators to help carry URCs & ministers past the lockdown & into a healthy future:

& from Chris Barnett Vic/Tas Synod

 1.       Some practical ideas

35 ways to love your neighbours right now

155 animated Bible stories (Saddleback Kids)

5 tips for on-line ministry with younger generations

1 Story to consider: The Great Realisation (Tomfoolery)


2.       Some resources for homes

Pulse mail for families (Pulse)

Quizworx home delivery (Quizworx)

Faith at home through play (GodVenture)

Church at home packs (Jesus without language)

Glimpsing Life – sensory faith activities (Glimpsing Life)


3.       Holy Communion in the current context

Waiting for communion (Grow Ministries)

Holy Communion and Covid-19 (Jason Goroncy)

Resources for thinking about Communion at this time (UCA)

Come and have breakfast: a table liturgy for home (Sally Douglas)

Liturgy of Empty Hands” a Communion alternative (Hy.phenated Faith) 

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