Asbestos Register information

Asbestos- Containing Materials (ACM) Management Plans and Register 5 yearly reviews. This is a WHS Qld Legislative requirement.

Here below are examples of one of our congregation’s Asbestos Management Plans and their Asbestos Register.

Both should be reviewed/updated for currency every 5 years or as required in between e.g. if some asbestos is damaged and/or removed.

You will see that the Asbestos Register Log Template ( below ) can also assist to keep the ACM Register up to date constantly and used to document the 5 yearly review.

With undertaking the review, it is about assessing the status of the Asbestos in situ/identified against that information stated in the Asbestos Register, thus a competent person(s) can undertake that activity. E.g. someone who has knowledge or experience such as a retired builder / plumber / electrician. Otherwise you can pay to have an external asbestos inspection company to undertake.

Provided the Qld Synod has a copy of the existing ACM Plan and Register, then it is sufficient for the Asbestos Register Log Template (attached) to be provided for the 5 yearly reviews.

Should an external company undertake then a copy of that latest full report would be required for records in the Qld Synod Office. Some sample information has been left in the template provided below.

Synod is happy to assist any congregations queries directly if they are still unsure. Please feel free to use the Contact Form below.

Also, if necessary, an officer will attend a Church Council Meeting to share information/understanding as required.

Asbestos Management Plan

See the sample document here, for your information.

Register and Report

See the sample document here, for your information.

Register Log Template

See the sample document here, for your information

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