“Children’s ministry isn’t merely
providing cognitive input about that one moral or theological point each story
or lesson was meant to teach. …… It’s about helping them live as committed
disciples of a radical way of life Jesus call us to.

Children’s ministry is less about
providing children with absolute answers and more about helping them live
faithfully with questions and doubts that arise on the journey of discipleship.
It aims at nurturing the whole life of the child and not compartmentalising
the child’s “church life” from the rest of the child’s life. It realises that
children feel God; s love when they are surrounded by a close-knit faith
community who loves them and sees them as valued participants. It realises
that children make the values of God’s reign their own by seeing them lived out
radically in their churches and homes – not simply by learning about them
in a classroom or through a programmed activity. It understands that children
are learners and teachers, and that
they have as much to teach adults about life in God’s kingdom as we adults have
to teach them.

Jesus said one must become like a
child to enter God’s kingdom. We take these words seriously as we seek to
minister with children.”

From Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus
David M Csinos and Ivy Beckwith (2013).

Defining children’s ministry as serving
and caring for children and leading them to turn to serve
one aonther and the world as Jesus followers,

this book is really worth reading. It both encourages
and challenges the way we do children’s ministry.