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Asbestos Register Materials

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Children's and Family Ministry Resources

Some Advent Resources

Advent Ideas (Barnabas)

Advent Ideas (Faith in Homes)

Multi-Age Christmas Service Ideas (UCA SA)

Pinterest  Advent & Christmas Ideas (Mary Hawes)

Some Christmas Story Resources

Bethlehem Town (Lost Sheep)

Jed and Roy McCoy (Lost Sheep)

Tonight in the Palace (Lost Sheep)

The Three Wise Camels (Lost Sheep)

Christmas at Home (NSW&ACT Baptist)

The Well Good News of Christmas (Bible Society)

Christmas Book Set (Salvation Army, suitable for giveaways) 

Also from BRD (Bible Reading Fellowship) – the group that looks after Messy Church   No Rehearsal Nativity the web site includes extra downloadable resources, scripts and costume patterns  Readings, reflections, crafts and prayer activities for 20 major church festivals  Bethlehem carols Unpacked, Creative ideas for Christmas carol services 

Children & Spirituality

Embracing child-initiated play

The secret awareness of children

Whoever has ears, let them hear

How do children develop a sense of self?

Taking seriously the spirituality of the Child

Inhabiting the sacred space: co-curating the Eucharist with children

 Children & Prayer

The Persistent Widow (Max 7)

Body movement prayers (Max 7)

Loom band prayer activities (Max 7)

Lord’s Prayer resources (Max 7)

Pray and Colour: a guide to prayer (Building Faith)

Clothesline Collects: leading children to prayer (Building Faith)

Some Bible Apps for Families

Bible Apps (review)

The Bible App for Kids

The Big Little Bible App

The Aetherlight

Guardians of Ancora

Bible Pathway Adventures